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Cambridge Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. we company was founded inJanuary 2006, the company specialized in developing, manufacturing and sales around the world brand monitor, ECG, oximetry, EEG, ophthalmology instrument, beauty instrument, medical equipment and other types of supporting The development of medical lines, such as: ECG heart monitor pulse oxygen temperature conductivity line fetal heart rate, fetal monitoring probe (probe contains repetitive and one-time) ECG chest pump ball, physical folder ECG, blood pressure cuffs, extension tubes and joints, invasive, and invasive pressure sensor cable, line EEG, ECG electrodes, conductive paste defibrillator, and breathing machine breathing circuit tube, glass, etc. set.

All products manufactured by our company are in line with ROHS standard, with CE FDA SFDA certification and testing organization with professional authority of the test, all the products on the human body without harm and strict sterilization! Safe for use. Now our products have been sold all over the world, in the spirit of the patient's care, the quality of our products strictly and resolutely to achieve three no, not the introduction of undesirable materials, does not produce bad product, do not sell bad product! Make our products have good reputation among customers, and win most of the domestic medical equipment manufacturers, distributors and overseas manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and other large markets. As the market development and changes, all the continuous generation of new peers, competition is more intense! However, we believe that as long as we adhere to: grasp quality and constant innovation, we will be able to win customers. At the same time, we must continue to draw customers, to make our products more human words!

Sincerely hope that the Cambridge Medical can provide you with satisfaction, reliable products and quality service. Your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit! Welcome to contact us to buy them or OEM / ODM company products!

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Last Modified : 2020 - 07 - 15
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